Roderick's letter (EP)

by Bells of Soul

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This EP was released on June 03th, 2015.
It's recorded in The Land of Bells Studio.
Sânian: all voices and musical instruments except in track 03 whose electric guitar was played by Dennis 80's.


released June 3, 2015

Sânian - Bells of Soul



all rights reserved


Bells of Soul São Paulo, Brazil

BELLS OF SOUL is a musical project developed by just Sânian. It was in 2003, the leaves wandered for nocturnal airs, beating in gates which complained when yielding ticket to the mysterious sense of the night. The own sun celebrated the arrival of the moon; the night felt the kiss of the twilight and this mutation received unimaginable secrets. Since then, bells are ringing. ... more

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Track Name: Roderick's letter
Mr. Roderick’s Letter

I just received a letter
From my old mate
It’s really a weird
And disturbing letter

He says he is very ill
And worried about his sister
The shaky words indicate
His health is impaired

And everything seems very odd to me, the widow moon shines in the night, it seems very odd to me, I feel I will fall in the precipice tonight

Miss Madeline is his sister
She walks by the night’s corridors
Wears a long and white dress
Like a pale ghoul

She suffers from catalepsy
And has death trances
They live very far
Very far from here

I haven’t seen them a long time,
A long time ago
An old and tumbledown house
On desolate Road

Sweet smell of flowers
Oppresses my friend
The lights hurt his eyes

And everything seems very odd to me, the widow moon shines in the night, it seems very odd to me, I feel I will fall in the precipice tonight

I am scraping the night
with my teeth,
Chewing bitter thoughts, chewing bitter dreams
A gale of screams into my heart
Trembles my soul, trembles my heart tonight

“Good evening sir; Mr. Roderick is waiting for you”.
Track Name: Duncan's last night
Duncan’s last night

Under the sound and
The scream of drum
Comes whom the misfortune waits

Macbeth is across from
The witches of fate
Go and fulfill your destiny

He came back to write
Obscure fairy tales
He will hurt the heart of king

Come oh thane of Cawdor
Come Duncan’s hangman
You won’t sleep ever more

The witches’ prophecy scares the king Macbeth
And Banquo’s wraith is sat in front of him
Lady Macbeth reaps some odd black flowers
She has a strange way to look at me

A tragic conception
A tragic life; Hallucinatory verses
The king Duncan was killed (2x)
Spread the word! (2x)

Seyton brings bad news to new king
The forest invades the castle (2x)
“What have I done to myself?”
Said the king Macbeth
Track Name: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide

The moonlight creeps across the floor
The potion works
The outcry of heart
fills the air

Wightes & refugees
In the same flesh
Mr. Hyde is close,
He’s waiting to himself

And so long this indulged cast me out
From myself

We are hexed by blood
A feeling akin to terror
Kindred souls
We share the same body

The man is hostage
To his desires
Odd medical procedures
Mr. Hide is coming

And so long this indulged cast me out
From myself

Who woke me up from my deep sleep?
Who woke me up?
Forever more, I'll be by your side
Forever more!

A whammy on you
Follow the moon!
Run away!

This metamorphose
Makes me feel better
This metamorphose …

The wishes are murmuring
Under the cherish of fear
I whisper a strange melody
Unknown even to me

I cast a spell on myself
A maze of mirrors
A slave from his own wish
I can't run away from myself

I wonder how to undo that spell?
The lower side of me
Don’t fear yourself, Dr. Jekyll!
Don’t fear yourself!

Dr. Jekyll always locks the door
when he is working
The doctor left oddly his heritage to a Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hide is lurking in the night
Mr. Hyde placed a hex on the doctor